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Volume: 26 Issue: 3 - 2013

4. Personality Dimensions and Defense Styles That are Related with Relapse During 12 Month Follow-up in Male Alcohol Dependents
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260303 Pages : 248-257
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7. Serum Lactic Acid and Pyruvic Acid Levels in Patients with Migraine and Tension Type Headache
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260306 Pages : 276-280
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12. Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis: Gender Differences in Ten Years Experience
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260307 Pages : 281-285
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13. Effects of Attention Deficit and Hyperacitivity Disorder Subtypes on Family Functions
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260308 Pages : 286-294
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14. Bupropion Induced Increase in Sexual Desire in A Patient on Fluoxetine Treatment
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260313 Pages : 312-314
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