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Volume: 26 Issue: 4 - 2013

1. Cardiometabolic Comorbidity in Bipolar Disorder
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN20132604001 Pages : 315-319
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4. The Correlation of Suicide Attempt and Suicidal Ideation with Insight, Depression and Severity of Illness in Schizophrenic Patients
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260403 Pages : 341-350
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6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anger in Migraine Patients
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260405 Pages : 360-366
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7. A Possible Cause of Trauma for Children in Justice System of Turkey: Attitudes of Prosecutors and Judges
DOI: 10.5350/DAJPN2013260406 Pages : 367-375
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