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From The Editor
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2010; 1(23): -
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Welcome to the new issue of Düşünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. We began publishing 25 years ago, making this journal one of the longest standing in Turkey.

We have made some exciting changes to our journal in conjunction with current literature, the evolving needs of the scientific community, and rapid developments in technological systems used for publishing scientific articles. We have included an online article submission and tracking system on our website (http://www.dusunenadamdergisi.org). Beginning with the first issue in 2010, we will offer access to all the articles and their English translations on our journal’s website. We will also publish articles in English in our journal; the first example is included in the previous issues. Papers that are published in our journal in 2010 will be selected for awards by a jury. We are grateful for your support in this process and request that you consider our journal in evaluation of your scientific studies.

In this introductory issue of our all-new journal, articles have been managed according to updated rules. The articles in this issue should set a precedent for future authors who submit articles to our journal for evaluation.

In our opinion, the author who sends his or her study to a journal, in compliance with journal standards, including spelling and articulation, also has the right to expect the same diligence from the journal throughout the evaluation process. We have refined our evaluation process period to minimize time lag for authors who submit articles to our journal for publication. Whether or not the articles are accepted, recommendations from at least two advisers will be forwarded to authors as soon as possible.

Our journal has been published with great effort and, at times, with great sacrifice for a quarter of a century. It will continue to thrive with an even stronger new team, but also with effort and sacrifice. The team spirit that emerged during the last few months as we moved this journal forward made this clear. I, for one, am glad and proud to be a part of this team.

As members of the editorial board, we would once again like to thank our authors, advisers and readers for their past and future support.