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The Effect of Long-term Neuroleptic Treatment on Liver Function Tests
1Bakırköy State Mental Hospital, Istanbul, Türkiye.
2Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Gastroenterohepatology, Türkiye.
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 1991; 3(4): 59-60
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The liver function tests of 100 chronic schizoprenic patients who were taking neuroleptics for at least five years and 40 newly diagnosed schizoprenic patients before any treatment have been assessed. Also the chronic schizophrenic group had one month drug holiday and they have been followed for a possible relapse. The values for whole groups were within normal limits. Discontinuation of the treatment resulted a relapse in 8 of 100 chronic patients in one month. The reliability and safeness of neuroleptics in long-term treatment in aspect of hepatic effects and the useless of drug holidays have been confirmed.